Diane Dol, Pickleball Coach: Personal Coaching. Positive Results.

Comox Valley Pickleball Coaching

Photo of Diane Dol with a post-game craft-beer refreshment and pickleball tournament medal

Fun, Friendly & Patient Pickleball Instruction

Personal Coaching. Positive Results.

If you’re looking for a friendly, effective teacher for beginner-intermediate pickleball in The Comox Valley and mid-island, then you’re in the right place. 😉

Learn to Play Pickleball

I must admit, after being a competitive tennis player for most of my life I was skeptical when I first heard of Pickleball. What’s with the name? A whiffle ball? Really?

Diane giving two beginner players pickleball coaching in Vancouver, BC

I am now a complete convert. My tennis racquet now serves as a reminder of satisfying memories but has not seen the light of day over the last two years. 

My introduction to Pickleball was through drop-in games at Queen Elizabeth Park. I quickly jumped in with lots of lessons, clinics, drill sessions and tournaments and found myself ready to help others learn what is my new favourite court sport: pickleball!

You will find that I am approachable and able to adapt my coaching to the skill set with which you arrive. Whether you have never held a paddle or come to pickleball with some other court sport experience, I will have you smiling and playing in no time!

Improve Your Skills

All ready have the basics down for pickleball? I work with intermediate players to improve their game with targeted skills development and coaching.

You can often find me playing with the Comox Pickleball Association at Highland Park or indoors at Merville Hall.

Certified Pickleball Coach

Certified to coach by Pickleball Canada, I am looking to share this social and accessible game with anyone looking to add some fun and exercise to their lives.

Coaching Certificate, Diane Dol

My Coaching

  • Is geared to beginner to intermediate players
  • Is great for one-on-one, couples or small groups of friends
  • Will appeal to people with health issues; anyone can get started, even those with physical limitations.
  • Help tennis or squash players looking to quickly become competitive in pickleball as a less physically demanding sport
  • Satisfy people looking for social interaction during/after pandemic
  • Provide you with more individual attention to address your individual pickleball lesson needs

Don’t be afraid to sign up with your significant other! I have 25 years of experience as a divorce mediator and will be able to coach you through any on-court discord! 🙂

  • Diane is a thorough and thoughtful teacher with a wicked fun sense of humour. She brings her lightness, skills and genuine love of the game to the pickleball court. Pickleball is a great workout, has me thinking strategically, and is the right mix of fun and friendly competition.

    - Raine Forbes

  • Diane is the perfect combination of a skilled player and great coach. She intuitively knows how to get you to become a better player. She is tactful in her coaching, has a great sense of humor and you’ll have a lot of fun improving your game with her. Highly recommend!

    - Holly Keon

  • It was my first lesson and feeling nervous, apprehensive and quite awkward. I think I lucked out with Diane, she was patient and gentle with her approach. Diane was very informative with direction and technique and I found all the drills helpful. I walked away loving the game and can't wait for my next lesson. Thank You!

    - Katherine L’Heureux

  • I met Diane years ago and when I heard she was an instructor I reached out immediately. I knew not only that I’d be taught very well, but that I’d also have a fun time. She broke things down in a manageable way and challenged me throughout the lessons. I called Diane because I knew I’d have fun learning a game she quite clearly loves. She just wants to share her love of the game and it shows.

    - Marnie Quarry

  • I started playing pickleball last year and I love the game! I’m quite competitive although I don’t always win (or win at alI..lol) I thought I better take some lessons to learn the basic and techniques of Pickleball. With Diane’s coaching my overall play has improved and gave me more confidence. My ground- stroke technique has improved. I’ve learned the value of good foot work and positioning on the court really helped my game! Diane is fun, friendly and patient, her professionalism is top notch!

    - Connie

Lessons and Hours

My hours of coaching are geared to those with a flexible schedule or those that are retired. (Weekday morning lessons best as court use can be busy in the afternoon and evenings!)

I work M-F from 8am-3pm with groups of 2, 3 or 4 and offer single lessons as well and am open to evenings and weekends for special events.

Whether you’re nervous about group settings and want one-on-one instruction, looking to join others in a social group lesson or come with your own friends, we can develop a plan which works.

How Much Will it Cost?

  • Single – $50 per hr
  • $10 for every additional person
  • Court rental extra

Services Offered

  • Private Coaching: Receive one-on-one attention and personalized instruction to hone your pickleball skills.
  • Group Coaching: Join group sessions to learn and practice with other pickleball enthusiasts.
  • Pickleball Retreats: Immerse yourself in pickleball in beautiful settings during our retreats, led by experienced coaches.
  • Corporate Team Building: Foster teamwork and camaraderie through pickleball lessons and scramble tournaments. Events are tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Private Events: Host a unique and exciting private pickleball event for your special occasion.

Corporate and Special Events

A memorable and fun moment at a pickleball event

We have a depth of experience running corporate and social events. Bring your staff out for a fun and active day. Or, bring your friends out and celebrate a birthday! Pickleball is a game that is accessible to all. Events include lesson instruction and a fun scramble tournament.

No Paddles?

Gruvn Team Member

If you don’t own a paddle yet, no worries. I am a proud team member with Gruvn Paddles and I have plenty of paddles available for demo use during lessons with me.

I can also offer a 15% discounts on Gruvn paddles. Email me for details!

Pickleball paddles: Diane Dol is a Team Member with Gruvn Paddles.